Sponsor A Tree


[Pay with any credit card via Paypal. No Paypal account needed.]

Place a separate order for each sponsorship.

Select a certificate design from the samples in the product gallery, provide the certificate information and designate how many trees you wish to sponsor for this dedication. Each tree is a sponsorship of $150. (e.g., 2 trees = $300 sponsorship)

There are some sponsorship suggestions in the Description below.

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Tree Planting Sponsorship Details

Your sponsorship of trees is a wonderful affirmation of life. 15% of your cost of sponsorship is donated to One Tree Planted, a global tree planting nonprofit, and also to Good Shade, a Los Angeles based nonprofit focused on environmental justice issues, including health risks associated with poor air quality, lack of tree shade, and the need more for green infrastructure in urban communities.

Choose the number of trees you wish to dedicate to someone or something. Here are a few ideas of how many trees to plant.

  • Honor Tree (for a birth, birthday, or other celebration)
  • Mitzvah Trees (18 trees in honor of a mitzvah)
  • Love Pairing (2 trees for couples wishing to commemorate their wedding or anniversary)
  • Family of trees (up to ten trees to honor family love)
  • Memorial tree/s (to honor a loved one)
  • Garden of Trees (ten or more trees to honor an event, celebration, or Mother Earth)
  • “Just Because” Tree (because trees are the best)
  • A Forest of Trees (20 or more trees)

Certificates are printed on 8”x10” recycled paper.