Sponsor A Tree


[Pay with any credit card via Paypal. No Paypal account needed.]

Place a separate order for each sponsorship.

Select a certificate design from the samples in the product gallery, provide the certificate information and designate how many trees you wish to sponsor for this dedication. Each tree is a sponsorship of $150. (e.g., 2 trees = $300 sponsorship)

There are some sponsorship suggestions in the Description below.



Tree Planting Sponsorship Details

Your sponsorship of trees is a wonderful affirmation of life. 15% of your cost of sponsorship is donated to Eden Reforestation Project, which works with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, creating jobs, protecting ecosystems, and helping mitigate climate change.

Choose the number of trees you wish to dedicate to someone or something. Here are a few ideas of how many trees to plant.

  • Honor Tree (for a birth, birthday, or other celebration)
  • Mitzvah Trees (18 trees in honor of a mitzvah)
  • Love Pairing (2 trees for couples wishing to commemorate their wedding or anniversary)
  • Family of trees (up to ten trees to honor family love)
  • Memorial tree/s (to honor a loved one)
  • Garden of Trees (ten or more trees to honor an event, celebration, or Mother Earth)
  • “Just Because” Tree (because trees are the best)
  • A Forest of Trees (20 or more trees)

Certificates are printed on 8”x10” recycled paper.