Green Pathways toward
a Sustainable Future

We’re working on a greener future.

Let’s work together. At LCFCC, we have the desire, the perfect setting and opportunity for you to participate in a greener future for generations to come.

Plant Trees and
Plant Hope Today

As a participant in the United Nations Trillion Trees Program, La Cañada Flintridge Country Club kicked off its Plant for the Planet project in 2021 with the goal of planting 300+ trees on and around the club’s property. To date, we’ve registered 237 trees with Plant for the Planet, and raised our planting goal to 500 trees. 

Our Plant for the Planet is only one piece of LCFCC’s overall Net-Zero sustainability project for the club. Trees can do a lot, but they can’t solve our climate emergency alone. 

Over the next two years, we are working with Ecomotion consultants of Glendale to oversee carbon assessments and lay out a carbon-neutral pathway, including solar panels for all our electric use.  The goal?  Bring the LCF Country Club to net-zero carbon emissions.


Sponsor A Tree

from sapling to forest…give the gift for someone special or for yourself, sponsor a tree.

Get Inspired

read about our journey, the successes and challenges we faced. Get inspired to create your own sustainability program.

Giver’s Grove
wander through the grove of givers like you who participate in LCFCC’s Plant for the Planet.

Sponsored Trees are a beautiful and meaningful gift to  Honor a Loved One or Life Event While Expanding the Global Reforestation Initiative.

Nothing Says Hope Like a Newly Planted Tree.

We hope you are inspired to help us grow our ambitious planting project. Planting and maintaining a tree is expensive. Planting and maintaining 300+ trees is more expensive. Each tree costs us over $250 and requires irrigation, pruning, and care. We invite you, our friends, family, club members, club guests, community, and brides and grooms, to help sponsor this project.

How? By giving to the LCFCC Plant for the Planet project. Celebrate life, the future, and those you love, with the gift of tree sponsorship.

Each tree you sponsor triggers our 15% donation to Eden Reforestation Project, a worthy nonprofit that will multiply your impact and add to the U.N.’s Trillion Tree goal. As of November 2022, we have planted 200+ beautiful trees around the La Cañada Flintridge Country Club’s property and triggered donations in excess of $300 to tree planting initiatives. This season, fall of 2022, we’ll be planting quite a few more native trees, including CA buckeye, CA black walnut, and the imperiled and majestic (as well as hyper-local) Engelmann Oak.

Special Occasion or Just Because

Honor Trees
(for a birth, birthday, or other celebration)

Mitzvah Trees
(18 trees in honor of a Mitzvah)

Love Pairing
(2 trees to commemorate an anniversary)

Family of Trees
(honor family love)

Memorial Tree(s)
(to honor a loved one)

Garden of Trees
(Multiple trees to honor an event, celebration, or Mother Earth)

*Just Because* Tree
(because trees are the best)

A Forest of Trees
(20+ trees)

Number of Trees Sponsored

Why plant at
LCF Country Club?

Why at LCFCC? Because we have the space and desire to plant trees. And we want to think globally and act locally for the climate.

Of course, there are many places the world over to plant trees. We’re just a little grove in the bigger forest, but each and every tree we plant represents hope for the future.

When you donate towards LCFCC Plant for the Planet project, you’ll receive a beautiful certificate, your name and dedication on our Grove of Givers website page, and your name on a plaque placed on the golf course with 25 other generous donors.

And your sponsorship of trees at LCFCC triggers our 15% (of your total) donation to two tree-planting nonprofits, one global, the other local.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is LCF Country Club’s Plant for the Planet?

LCF Country Club has a goal of planting up to 300 trees around the golf course and registering them with, the Trillion Trees United Nations-led initiative to plant a trillion trees by 2030. Each tree you sponsor triggers our donation of 15% of sponsorship to One Tree Planted and to Good Shade, both worthy nonprofits that multiply your impact and add to the U.N.’s Trillion Tree goal.

Are There Other Ways and Places I Can Plant Trees?
We’re so very glad you asked! Go to our web pages and look for our resources with links to great tree and reforestation organizations. There are even local tree giveaways to green-up your yard and parkways.
How Much Is It to Sponsor Trees?
Each tree for LCFCC’s Plant for the Planet is $250, 15% of which is donated to the One Tree Planted and Good Shade nonprofits. You may sponsor as many trees as you like. We have some good ideas:

  • Honor Tree (for a birth, birthday, or other celebration)
  • Mitzvah Tree/s (in celebration of a Mitzvah)
  • Love Pairing (for couples wishing to commemorate their wedding or anniversary)
  • Family of trees (up to ten trees to honor family love)
  • Memorial tree/s (to honor a loved one)
  • Grove of Trees (ten or more trees to honor an event, celebration, or Mother Earth)
  • “Just Because” Tree (because trees are the best)
  • Friendship Canopy Tree (for bridesmaids or as a gift to close friends)
Can Anyone, Even a Non-member, Sponsor Trees?
We welcome all people from our city, our country, and our world to enjoy the deep-felt benefits of our LCFCC Plant for the Planet project. We hope you’ll join the campaign by sponsoring the planting of LCFCC trees and helping the global Trillion Tree initiative. We hope, too, that you’ll start your own tree-planting project.
Check our website for a resources page.
How Does It Work?
Honor a loved one or special event. For every tree you sponsor, we donate 15% of the sponsorship to One Tree Planted and Good Shade nonprofits, which plants trees locally and globally. Your sponsored trees at LCF Country Club will count towards the UN’s global trillion tree goal.
Can I Pick the Type of Tree to Plant and Visit My Tree at LCFCC?
Trees are chosen by a certified arborist and golf course superintendent for their high carbon sequestration component, suitability for the golf course sites and environment, city codes, and their natural beauty. Due to these requirements, those who are sponsoring trees will not be able to pick the types of trees planted. For these reasons, we cannot offer you a tree visit. However, we’ll be posting photos of our tree plantings on the website periodically. There, you can see our progress and see your name on our Giver’s Grove webpage.
I Love Trees, Too. How Do I Participate?
Easy! Sponsor some trees by going to our website’s “Green Pathways,” pages and helping us reach our local and global tree planting goals by sponsoring trees with us. If you prefer to talk directly to us, you’ll find contact information on the webpages.
How About Something a Little More Heartfelt?
We believe in the power and glory of trees. We believe in the Future. We believe in Trees and in Solutions. We believe in the Sacredness of Life, our Planet, and Love. Trees represent all that and more. Finally, we hope to inspire others (you) to plant trees, anywhere and everywhere, and to learn about their miraculous ways.
Why Is LCF Country Club Planting Trees?
Planting trees is part of our small businesses’ Green Pathways decarbonization initiative. Over the years we’ve noticed many of our trees have died as a result of fires or because of their natural lifecycle. And trees do so many fantastic things, it’s hard to know where to begin. One thing you may or may not know is they are great “carbon sinks,” helping store carbon in the ground rather than in our atmosphere, which we know causes the greenhouse effect.
Is My Sponsorship Tax Deductible?
No, it isn’t. We are not a non-profit organization; however, you will enjoy the good feeling of being part of the Trillion Tree campaign and helping restore the earth’s trees. As a tree sponsor, you’ll also enjoy being acknowledged on our Giver’s Grove website page, which will allow you to honor an event or loved one’s name. Additionally, sponsors will be honored with their names added to plaques around the golf course and thanked in our Giver’s Grove area of the LCFCC membership newsletter.
In What Ways Does Planting Trees Help The Climate Crisis?
A million ways! Actually, a trillion. Investing in trees and forests alone are not enough to solve climate change. Rapid significant emissions reductions can and must happen through the decarbonization of many industries.

With that said, trees and forests do make a substantial contribution towards addressing climate change. U.S. forests and forest products currently capture and store 15% ofU.S carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion each year.

And we are not just talking about big forests in national parks and rural mountain communities. Trees in metropolitan areas and small towns in the U.S. are responsible for almost one-fifth of the country’s annual forest carbon sequestration and storage. These urban and community trees also shade buildings in the summer and block wind in the winter, which reduces the use of air conditioners and heaters—further avoiding carbon emissions. One study from the U.S. Forest Service (Nowak et al. 2017), found that these energy savings equated to a 7.2% reduction in national residential energy use for heating and cooling.
* from website

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