Here Comes the Sun: Solar at LCF Country Club

Apr 7, 2021 | Eco-friendly Golf Courses, Highlights, LCFCC Green Journey, Sustainability Center, The Miracle of Trees

With the help of Ecomotion, we are getting bids to install solar panels near the clubhouse to generate enough power to reduce our carbon emissions by over 50%. We’ll be working with the City of La Canada Flintridge to help us get permits and to help them meet their Climate goals stated in their Climate Action Plan from 2016.

This move alone will keep us heading at a good speed to net-zero and we look forward to working with the city and stakeholders to implement a 500 kW solar array and allow the club, with energy storage (as batteries) to provide the facilities with power from the beautiful, carbonless, bright, golden sun. More later about the process.

Sunset over mountains and pool

Sunset over the pool at LCF Country Club


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