LCFCC Junior Tennis Programs

Why Tennis?

Soccer, baseball? They’re great youth sports activities, yet tennis is a sport which is enjoyed over a lifetime. Developing your student now sets them on a path to discipline, wellness, success in life, and a sport they will enjoy from their youth through their retirement years.

LCFCC provides several Junior Tennis options for families with juniors. In order to provide the best route for your child’s tennis interests and progress, please note the differences between the After School and Saturday programs, and the goals of our tennis staff for each.

The After School
Junior Tennis Program

Discipline, determination, love of the game

The after-school program is designed for the student interested in developing a tennis game which will allow them to move from absolute tennis beginner through to varsity high school team competitions and finally, to the joys of being a lifelong tennis player. No matter the ultimate goals, tennis is a sport that requires commitment, good technique, discipline, determination, and constant repetition over time in order to progress at a desirable pace to meet the milestones mentioned above.

Faster progress: quality over quantity at LCFCC

The After School Junior Program at LCFCC is designed to maximize your student’s progress: you never need be concerned about too many students and not enough instruction- one of the many benefits of a private club.

The after school junior tennis commitment

Like most children’s sport activities, the week days are used for practice to prepare for tournaments and competition. Tournaments and competitions are often held on Saturdays and Sundays. The After School Junior Program encourages students/ families to commit to tennis as a primary weekday activity throughout the school year to allow the development of skills. Short-term stints are welcome, but in order for the student to maximize the benefits of this program, we ask for a minimum 4- week enrollment period. The After School Junior Program is taught by LCFCC’s Tennis Director, James Panagopoulus.

LCFCC Saturday
Junior Tennis Clinics

The Saturday Alternative

Saturday tennis is for the student who wants to get into the game for the love and fun of the sport. In most cases, a fun recreational tennis experience can lead to a life-long love and commitment to tennis. The Saturday Junior Tennis Clinics are drop-in (week to week), making a long-term commitment un-necessary.

Saturday tennis programs provide a positive environment for your children to learn the basics of tennis and to progress to the next level at a pace that you determine.

The After School Junior Program is taught by Stan Carter, Director of USTA Jr. Team Tennis.

USTA Junior
Team Tennis – Entry Level Tennis

USTA Local Competitions

Playing tennis is always more fun with friends, so USTA Junior Team Tennis connects children by having them play on teams in local leagues. This is a fun way to learn and play the game.

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